The work that we do with Jaguar Land Rover and their suppliers came about due to the work Data Services started doing with Ford, when both Ford and Jaguar Land Rover were part of the Premier Automotive Group (PAG).

How does Majenta support JLR?

  • Supplier integration services (Teamcenter + 3D Experience integration + Adhoc translation) using our MX+ solution
  • Testing of 3D Experience supplier solution
  • Joint venture support
  • MX platform for software distribution
  • Global Supplier Integration

Our JLR MX+ Solution for Suppliers

At Majenta, we provide solutions for CAD data integration and re-use. This can range from one-off translation or PLM integration tasks, through to complex, automated translations of content with part attributes mapping, CAD standards (compliance) checking and validation of the output. In Jaguar Land Rover, this service is carried out using our MX+ platform.

Using our MX+ solution, we can support you with:

Sending data to Jaguar Land Rover

If you require support sending your CAD data to JLR in the correct format, Majenta can take your 2D + 3D CAD data and put it into the JLR PLM system. If modification is required to ensure JLR standards compliance, Majenta can do this for you using our MX+ solution.

Receiving data from Jaguar Land Rover

When the CAD in Jaguar Land Rover PLM changes, Majenta can export program 2D + 3D CAD and deliver it in a CAD format that you can re-use.

We can also help you better integrate with Jaguar Land Rover if:

  • You require a quick start to enable data sharing on short/sensitive projects.
  • You are using a different CAD tool to JLR.
  • Your IT (corporate) policy or downstream processes prevent the running of customer environments.
  • You are using the same CAD tool as JLR but you are running a different version (i.e. newer).
  • You have tried to run the customer environment, but struggled to keep on top of methods/standards or it simply ties up too much resource.
  • You only require subscription services to send the changed content on an agreed frequency.
  • You need support with custom scripts/processes for handling data at different CAD levels to JLR
  • You need complete variant exports in multiple formats to support large-scale joint venture projects.
  • You need help handling peaks in project workload
  • You require 2D drawing modification 
  • You need support with resolving data ownership or disputes regarding the history of work completed.
  • The volume of data that you send or receive just doesn’t justify a direct connection to JLR.

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