OEM/Q Checker/Quality Checking

More and more OEMs are demanding that compliance checks are completed before data can be uploaded to their PLM system, requiring suppliers to invest in more software and specialist training. Majenta can provide such CAD checking services utilising both automated compliance checking systems and traditional human checking methods. This allows a supplier to concentrate on their core capabilities as well as reducing rework and improving CAD quality. Where CAD compliance checks are not mandatory, they still provide a valuable service to ensure your CAD data is not rejected by an OEM and can reduce timing and costs caused by correction and resubmission.

  • OEMs include Ford, JLR, NISSAN, Airbus
  • Q-Checker analysis
  • CAD Doctor for NX analysis
  • PMI / 3D GD&T and Tolerance checking
  • 3D tolerance “stack-up” analysis (VSA software)

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