Nissan PDQ requirements made simple with CADdoctor for NX.

Nissan use Siemens NX as their global standard for CAD data and suppliers are subject to a unique checklist of Product Data Quality (PDQ) requirements to ensure compliant 3D CAD data transmission.

What does Elysium CADdoctor for NX do?

CADdoctor for NX is a plug-in which allows users to validate and repair 3D CAD data from within NX. By implementing CADdoctorfor NX early in the design phase, you can improve efficiency throughout the entire design and manufacturing process.

PDQ Validation

CADdoctor for NX identifies and heals the 26 critical errors identified in the Nissan Quality Guidelines. These lead to improved manufacturing and consistent quality of geometry provided to Nissan.

  • Tiny Curve or Segment
  • Narrow Edge
  • Sharp Edge Angle
  • Inconsistent Edge in Loop
  • Large Edge Face Gap
  • Large Face Gap
  • Large Edge Gap
  • Self-Intersecting Loop
  • Self-Intersecting surface
  • Non-Smooth Segments
  • Non-Smooth Patches
  • Tiny Curve or Segment
  • Narrow Surface or Patch
  • Self-Intersecting Curve
  • Embedded Faces
  • Tiny Surface or Patch
  • Narrow Surface or Patch
  • Degenerate Surface Boundary
  • Tiny Face
  • Tiny Solid
  • Degenerate Surface Corner
  • Large Vertex Gap
  • Intersecting Loops
  • Sharp Face Angle
  • Free Edge
  • Solid Void

Data Healing

Elysium’s CADdoctor for NX not only identifies errors within 3D CAD data but has the functionality to be able to review and repair the geometry ready for it to move onto the next stage of the data flow.

Full B-rep Repair

•Automatic healing of the entire 3D CAD model
• A repaired model will be added as a separate volume to the original file
• The original model will be suppressed or removed after healing

Repair with History

Product Model Information and attribute information is stored and only the entities with PDQ errors are repaired.

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Why Majenta?

We’re the preferred specialist integrator for this extremely powerful system. We work closely with Elysium, our partner, to ensure all suppliers mandated to use PDQ-NP are correctly configured and fully up to speed with the processes surrounding PDQ-NP.

At Majenta, we are also Certified by Nissan as a V3P Capable company & Nissan Supplier with a “Global Supplier Vendor Code”. This means that we are well placed to support you with sending and receiving NX data to/from Nissan.

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