Majenta provides Nissan Supplier Support as a Certified Partner

At Majenta, we are Certified by Nissan as a V3P Capable company & Nissan Supplier with a “Global Supplier Vendor Code”. This means that we are well placed to support you with integrating seamlessly within the Nissan Supply Chain.

Majenta Telephone WebEx Support for Nissan Suppliers

Majenta, with Nissans support, have developed an accessible cost and time effective internet based G2B/TCP3/Paperless Model help and support package, specifically tailored to meet the immediate and practical design and CAD release needs of suppliers working with Nissan R&D centres.

The clever part is that the internet-based support package provides personal support as and when you need it.

Supports issues/problems with:
• Digital Certificate install
• G2B
o Applicant/Approver Roles and Responsibilities
o Distribution Tables Set Up
o Spec Tender
o Design Note
• TCP3
o Uploads
o Downloads
• Paperless Model
o CAD Data SHAPE Release

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Nissan Supplier Training

G2B and TCP3 Training

Gain an understanding of G2B and TCP3 and the requirements expected from you as a supplier.

Supplier Advanced Training

This course will give you an overview and practical knowledge required to comply with various Nissan standards and procedures.

Paperless Model Training

Gain confidence working with Nissans techniques & requirements as well as how to support Nissan with NSTK installation using TCP3.

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