Deliver OEM compliant data using our service assisted data exchange

MX+ allows a range of bespoke services to be delivered within our exchange platform, primarily focused on the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries. The Data Services division provides a range of exclusive services that streamline global data exchange between manufacturers and suppliers.

MX+ allows you to…

Create custom service workflows

A web-based service platform, with access tied to an email address. Control who can raise the request and who will work on it. See an overview of all work currently in progress.


Tailor data workflows to meet all of your exchange requirements

Help your internal or external collaborators provide or share the right information upfront and throughout. Customised workflows, notification and collaboration method.


Communicate and collaborate while ensuring accountability with a full, permanent audit trail

Maintain all dialogue and instructions in a single, unique reference, eliminating confusion and providing a permanent record of what was done, and why.


Streamlining the exchange between manufacturers and suppliers

MX+ is a range of exclusive services that streamline global data exchange and overcome barriers of sharing CAD data between companies using different CAD software & standards. If you’re providing processes for integration with other systems (i.e. PLM), our dedicated Data Services Technicians provide individual solutions for leading OEMs and their suppliers, focusing on repeatable, robust solutions that are compatible with processes of all involved.

  • "We found the team be unfailingly helpful. They provided direct and timely advice, a consistently excellent service and we know that we can rely on them completely."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton FCD

  • "We found MX and MX+ to be extremely reliable and cost-effective, the applications both suited our business well. We’ve had very positive feedback from all of our users."

    Stephen Hanson

    Engineering & Programme Director

  • "The Data Services team have extensive contacts and deep technical knowledge. We would never have been able to match their level of expertise."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Engineer
    Eaton FCD

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