Secure Data Exchange and Migration for Engineers

At Majenta, we understand that secure data exchange is integral for all engineers, whether it’s internal file sharing or whether you’re sending and receiving data to and from suppliers and OEMs.

MX Data Exchange: Secure by Design

Take ownership of your data exchange with Host company branding, giving a professional look-and-feel for all users. MX enables collaboration with messaging and bi-directional exchange of big data between your organisation, your suppliers, and your colleagues which allows users to send and receive unlimited data between each other. Start managing your users within organisations and groups that suit your business logic.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise-grade security: Our cutting-edge file encryption protects your IP when exchanging sensitive files, so you’ll never need to rely on couriers, disk, USBs, FTP sites and consumer-led web portals to share your data again.
  • Create distribution networks for easy file sharing: MX gives you total control over your own distribution network, ensuring that your data is only ever accessed by authorised users. Grow your network organically as you invite your internal departments, your colleagues, your suppliers, and any external stakeholder into one data exchange and collaboration environment.
  • Send files faster: MX is up to 700% faster than our competitors products.

Our MX solution is trusted by numerous OEMs and Suppliers, read about how MX has helped Lotus, Prodrive and more in our success stories.

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Data Migration Services

We offer advice, planning, project management and completion of small and large scale data migration projects.

IDEAS to NX Migration Services

Audit and Analysis

Full TDM audit provides predictive reports about the effectiveness of data migration to TeamCenter.

Complete data analysis indicates the likely success and effectiveness of feature-based and/or orphan migration.

Preparation and Migration

  • Clean TDM using relevant UGS tools.
  • Installation of TeamCenter, NX Manager, IDEAS Manager, and Content Migration Manager.
  • Migrate TDM(s) to TeamCenter.
  • Migrate IDEAS CAD data to NX native format.

Prodrive choose MX as their trusted data exchange partner

Prodrive is a world leading motorsport and technology business. Best known for motorsport, today it is just one part of an organisation, which has diversifed to become a technology business working in a range of sectors with operations in Banbury and Milton Keynes in the UK and employing more than 500 staff.

“Prodrive had good prior experience of MX via Aston Martin but also high expectations if they were to take it on for their own use. By working closely over the period of their detailed benchmark, we were able to quickly and efficiently show that MX was able to address any concerns raised by their existing toolset, as well as demonstrating other key user benefits of MX for secure data exchange, automatic notification and one-click reporting.”

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