We are Elysium’s chosen UK Partner, meaning that we are well equipped with both the knowledge and experience in using the software to help you get the most out of your investment.

As the preferred specialist integrator for this extremely powerful system, we work very closely with Elysium, to ensure all users of this software are properly integrated and ready to get the most out of their software.


What is ASFALIS?

CAD models are crucial to the engineering and manufacturing process. ASFALIS enables you to share an accurate and/or simplified model that can be optimized for the targeted end-user.

  • Enterprise solution for multi-CAD data exchange and optimisation.
  • Accurate, automatic and seamless.
  • Provides high-fidelity models by utilising CAD APIs during processing.
  • Ensures accurate information, such as geometry, PMI and attributes.


Looking for a PLM-integrated, CAD exchange solution?

ASFALIS is designed to:

  • Integrate with your PLM system
  • Provide automatic or on-demand translation
  • Process other workflows

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Built for you

ASFALIS utilises scenarios and scripting to achieve high customizability for translation, optimization, and validation results. This flexibility allows system integration using ASFALIS components into your current environment seamlessly,while staying up-to-date with the latest trends including support for JT, 3D PDF, STEP AP242,

Workflow Automation

ASFALIS can add automation to your workflow. Now jobs such as translation, product data quality checking, optimization, and simplification can be automatically be initiated, perform the proper operation, send notifications, and deliver an accurate and desired file format.

Scalability & Performance

ASFALIS can be configured to best suit the use cases for single to multi-users. From a desktop application to enterprise-level scalability, ASFALIS is designed around you. Whether you are translating a single file or thousands of large assemblies, ASFALIS is engineered to process effortlessly.
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