We are Elysium’s chosen UK Partner, meaning that we are well equipped with both the knowledge and experience in using the software to help you get the most out of your investment.

As the preferred specialist integrator for this extremely powerful system, we work very closely with Elysium, to ensure all users of this software are properly integrated and ready to get the most out of their software.


What is CADfeature?

CADfeature has been designed to eliminate your migration woes and streamline the process. Go beyond just the model’s boundary representation and capture features, assembly relationships, associated drawings, and non-graphic properties of the complete model.

CADfeature enables:

  • Feature Translation
  • Intelligent QA Reports
  • 2D Associate Drawings
  • Automated Batch Processing
  • Thread Definition
  • Standard Parts Mapping and Parts Reuse
  • Metadata and Non-Geometric Attributes
  • Assembly Relationships and Part Library


Translating with Design Intent

Most CAD systems cannot read from/write to another format with full features. With CADfeature you can translate a model by the way it was designed.

What does CADfeatue provide?

  • A feature-based model
  • Preserved assembly relationships
  • Maintained associated drawings
  • Captured non-graphic properties (attributes and metadata)

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Migration designed around you

We know that not all migrations are the same, so we built CADfeature to work for you and alongside your process.


CADfeature understands your model and avoids translating parts that have already been translated, supports geometric features used in your company’s parts and processes, has built-in quality checking, and provides a highly automated processing that minimises human interaction.

Designed for Performance

CADfeature is designed to handle large enterprise data migrations. Scheduling and the multi-process function allows you to better allocate resources, migrate data during non-peak hours, and work autonomously
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