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On Demand WebEx
Suitable time for both parties
Andy Syms or Jemma Hunter

This G2B/Paperless Online course has been created to help Design, Manufacturing or Administration Teams better understand Nissan‘s new suite of tools and applications.

Course Structure

WebEx Session 1

Nissan Overview


Scope of G2B

On-line help Applications

G2B Screens

IS System Requirements

Hardware/Software Requirements

Outline of Supplier Registration process

Applicant and Approver Roles and Responsibilities


Concept of DD-Mail and How Suppliers receive e-mails

G2B System Preparation

Explanation of Distribution Tables and Why Required


WebEx Session 2

TCP2 > If connected to TCP2 (NSTK installation)

Explanation of TCP2

Design Change Process

Paperless Model

Explanation of DATA NOTE’s

Releasing CAD Data to Nissan (if connected to Nissan via TCP2)


How will this course improve your relationship with Nissan?

  • Enable seamless integration with Nissan
  • Reduce issues and delays when it comes to delivering data to Nissan
  • Meet strict project timings set by Nissan on time
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