Course Type:
1 Day
Andy Syms or Jemma Hunter

This TCP2/Paperless Model training course has been created to:

  • To enable suppliers to comply with Nissan techniques & quality requirements.
  • Implications of non-compliance with Nissans Paperless model and release procedures.
  • To understand how to support Nissan with NSTK installation and using TCP2 (must be a fully connected Supplier to include this part of the Paperless training with access to TCP2)


Course Structure

Paperless Process for NX

  • What is the Paperless Process

NX CAD 3D Requirements

  • 3D, Annotated CAD Data for Production Release > How does it Work
  • Reference Geometry – Coordinate Systems
  • Reference Curves
  • Model Views and Annotation
  • 2D Supplemental Drawings

Excel Data Note Requirements

  • How to complete a DATA NOTE

Data Integrity

Assembly Arrangements

Submitting Release Data

  • Part Numbering
  • Annotation

Representing Changes


Must have NSTK installation and connection to TCP2

  • Understand basics
    • Import CAD data into standalone NX from native CAD System, for example, Catia
    • Part Numbering and Naming to Nissan Paperless Process
  • Importing NX CAD Data into Teamcenter (NSTK environment)
  • Adopting the Paperless Process
    • Part Numbers/Naming (Spec Tender information)
    • Views
    • Annotation
  • Managing CAD data in Teamcenter (Teamcenter training)
  • Setting PDM Attributes
  • Baselining the CAD data
  • Exporting Briefcase files
  • Changing Design Release Levels
  • Uploading and Downloading CAD data from/to TCP2
  • Updating existing CAD data in Teamcenter with new Items from native CAD system

How will this course improve your relationship with Nissan?

  • Enable seamless integration with Nissan
  • Reduce issues and delays when it comes to delivering data to Nissan
  • Meet strict project timings set by Nissan on time


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